Austin County The Real Texas Deal

Austin County,
The Real Texas Deal.
We’re located right smack dab in the middle of the real thing.
Yep, that means longhorns and crops, cowboys and blue jeans.
Texas at it’s finest.

Austin County, with our rich historical and agricultural background, presents a unique and inspiring view to visitors.
Our rolling hills and picturesque farm settings can be breathtaking, and on closer inspection the farm houses and commercial buildings give an impression of the tenacious pioneer spirit that the first settlers brought to this once wild land. Stephen F. Austin would be amazed at how we’ve kept up with modern progress & amenities, yet still be known for the natural feel of early Texas. Besides many rich historic-based places to visit, we just naturally have lots of interesting things to see and do. Real Texas things.

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Austin County Visitors Guide online
Austin County Adventure Guide download
Austin County Adventure Guide download

Austin County includes these communities, all of which have their very own Texas charms.

Brazos Country
Cat Spring
New Ulm
San Felipe

Experience Austin County

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If you are planning a bus tour to Sealy & Austin County, please contact the Sealy Convention & Visitors Bureau approximately two weeks in advance with details on the number guests, their main interests, and any mobility issues or health concerns so we can help create a customized itinerary for your visit. This also allows us to try and make sure all local attraction hosts & vendors will be on location at specific dates & times to create a seamless and memorable trip for your guests.