German immigrant Adolph H. Preibisch and his wife Emilie came to Austin County in 1860. After the town of Sealy developed along the Gulf, Colorado and Sante Fe Railroad, the Preibisches bought property in the new railroad town. In 1885, they purchased these lots and hired brick mason John Colleton to construct this commercial building for them in 1886-1887. Colleton’s brickyard in nearby Bellville, where he fired bricks from Brazos River clay, was the source of material for many of Sealy’s early buildings. Sited on a prominent corner lot, the Preibisch building first housed Preibisch’s own store, in which he sold household & kitchen furniture, window shades, rugs, carpets and other manner of household goods. As was the practice with many early furniture dealers, Preibisch also made and sold funeral caskets from his store.
  The family continued to run the store after Adolph died in 1899. After Emilie’s death in 1905, their son W. W. Preibisch took over the business. Later tenants of the Preibisch building included a general merchandise store, grocery store, jewelry & gift shop, and a saloon/pool hall known as “My Place” which served as a setting for several motion picture films and advertisements. The building remained in the Preibisch family until 1946.

Historical Marker approved 2001
Designated Recorded Texas Historic Landmark
207 Main Street, at the corner of Main and Fowlkes, Sealy